As our environmental impact increases and our resources deplete, there is an increasing need to move towards more regenerative solutions. A new economic model is on the rise: a Circular Economy. Still, with little adoption worldwide, what is the role of Design in this new context?

Photo by Jimmy Chang

First things first… What is the Circular Economy?

Since the industrial revolution, we have adopted a mass-producing and consumption model. Every resource there is, we take and transform into a consumable, which we then use and when it reaches its end-of-life, we dispose without care of where it ends up.

This is called the linear economy. While this…

There is one valuable lesson I have learned over the years, from both a professional and personal perspective. What is most important is not how much knowledge I had in a particular situation. I’ve faced many moments of uncertainty where I did not have a clue of what to do…

Andrea Pastor

Service designer. Project Manager. Love to travel. New experiences seeker. Can’t live without music. May also have a thing for TV shows.

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